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“I am not African because I was born in Africa but because Africa was born in me.” Kwame Nkrumah

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African Vibes 

Finally my Second post is ready! .. It was a nice day in Nairobi. We decided to pass by the monkey’s park. It was really fun, these Monkeys are used to the visitors, they would come and try to look for food in your hands or pockets hahaha. One of them was even very curious about our photo-shoot (take a look at the previous post) and decided to become the photographer assistant :D. 

I was hesitant before buying this H&M trouser, but I thought I should give it ago and now I am totally in love with it :)… As I was heading to a meeting (not a very formal one) I’ve decided to pair it with this green H&M blazer and a simple Light Grey T.shirt underneath .. 

For the accessories -as I was feeling the African Vibes- , I chose this Necklace and matched it with my leather gladiator. I wore my golden leaf earrings and carried my 4 pounds bag! (Yup, you can dress up and look like a Million Dollar babz for less ;) 

Photography: Daniel J 

I hope you are having a great time wherever you are. 

The Travelling Fashionista xx

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May 1st 2013 .. I will always remember that day. One of the best trips in my life so far. in addition to visiting many amazing places in Kenya, including the Rift valley, Magadi Lake, The hot springs, and more, we have been told that part of the fees that we have paid for the trip will go for the support of Massai children’s education. 

We had the chance to meet this group of Massai Women. They told us about some of the challenges that they face. They also shared with us part of their beautiful culture. they sang and served us goat meat. its amazing to see -despite how little they have- how much they were willing to offer us, and how they wanted to host us in the best way possible for them.  

The moment we arrived it started raining and they said it was a blessing! :)

As you might all know by now, I am obsessed with fashion! It was really fascinating for me to see their accessories! its absolutely beautiful and colorful! I bought me a necklace that I will be rocking with my coming Fashion posts ;) 

Live, Love, Laugh and TRAVEL!! 

The Travelling Fashionista xx 


To travel is to live…

Once you go on your first trip, believe me it is veeery hard to stop! .. my first trip by myself outside my country was on 2007 to the UK and since then I have been lucky enough to travel once or sometimes even twice a year. 

and please do not think you can only travel if you have money … it is NOT! there alot of opportunities out there waiting for you to take them.. I did pay for my travel many times but I have also had the chance to receive a number of scholarships that enabled me to go to places that I haven’t even dreamed of visiting. Google  Google  Google, and you will get lucky! :) 

Pictures are taken at Lake Magadi, at the Kenyan Rift valley..

The Travelling Fashionista xx 

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Photo taken by Riham Osman

Photo taken by Riham Osman